Greedy buzzard bit off more than it could chew

A GREEDY bird of prey bit off more than it could chew – and almost died.
The buzzard was found with another bird’s leg – part of its lunch – sticking out of its mouth.
Vets operated on the lifeless bird, and removed the leg and claw that was blocking its throat.
With a foot in its mouth the bird couldn’t eat and  had become weak and emaciated.
They now hope to release it back into the wild.
The young buzzard, Britain’s most common bird of prey, was found in a garden in Purleigh, Essex.
Vets x-rayed the lifeless bird and gently extracted the foot, before giving the buzzard some electrolytes.
It gave the buzzard a boost and they have been nursing it back to health, with the intention of releasing it back into the wild should it survive.
Jurgen Theinert, practice director, said: “We get a variety of cases, but nothing like this.
“It was so debilitated, it wasn’t putting up any resistance at all.
“I suspect it was nervous and something disturbed it while it was eating and rather than leave the meal, it thought to hell with this, I’m taking it with me and it tried to eat the whole thing.
“It was probably a bit too greedy.
“It’s a beautiful bird. We haven’t had anything like this before.”
The man who dropped off the bird did not leave his details, but it is believed he must live near the veterinary practice, Edgewood in Purleigh.
Following the operation, vets found some damage to the mouth, but nothing serious.
Mr Theinert said: “When it arrived here it was very emaciated and it must have been like that for a while.
“It must have been so weak it just fell off its perch.
“It’s an exceptionally lucky bird to have been found.”