Cross-dressing "bride": Shop wouldn't let me try on wedding dress

A CROSS-DRESSING “bride” claims he’s a victim of discrimination – after he was barred from trying on a wedding dress.
Sam Clayton, 21, was so angry he called the police.
He wanted to try a gown for size at a branch of Berkertex Bride, ahead of his wedding next summer.
But Sam, a former drag artist, says he was turned away by staff at the branch on Wellesley Road, Croydon, south London.
He says they told him: "We don't dress people like you."
The snub, three days after he got engaged to his boyfriend, left him so furious he called the police.  
Mr Clayton, of Outram Road, Addiscombe, south London, said: "I went in there feeling nice just to have a look to get ideas. It made me feel awful. I think it's absolutely bloody horrendous."
He plans to marry in summer next year and visited the shop to look at styles before buying his dress from a shop in Brighton.  
A shop worker let him look at dresses but called for her manager, who Mr Clayton claims told him: "We don't dress people like you."
He said: "She goes, 'My head office wouldn't allow me to dress a man. The other brides wouldn't find it acceptable if I put a man in a dress with extra bits women don't have.
"Brides would not be happy to put a dress on after a man has been in it.'"
After calling the company's Lincolnshire head office, which told him they had no policy banning men trying on dresses, Mr Clayton returned to the shop to confront the manager but was denied again.
He said: "I wear dresses most of the time. I have had a few people in shops say 'That's a bit odd, why are you looking for dresses?' But nothing like this.
"Fortunately I am out there and fortunately I don't hide who I am. You should be allowed to be who you want to be."
A spokeswoman Berketex Bride, which has 27 branches across the UK, said: "We do not feel it appropriate to have gentlemen trying on dresses within our store when there are ladies present.
We also do not recommend our female staff to dress male customers.
"We do however allow gentlemen to try on gowns themselves in our fitting rooms, but this is by prior agreement with an appointment, or outside of normal working hours."
She added: "In this particular instance, whilst there was no lady there when the gentlemen arrived, they did not have a pre-arranged appointment.
"As there was a lady due to attend a fitting around that time, we could not allow dresses to be tried on as a lady was due to be using the fitting room area.  
"The gentleman discussed his wedding plans for some 15 to 20 minutes with our sales consultants and was shown dresses on the rails similar to what he was looking for.  
"We are sincerely sorry for any upset which appears to has been caused, but we do not believe the situation was handled in an inappropriate or offensive manner whatsoever."
Police arranged an appointment to see Mr Clayton but are not expected to take any action over the matter.