Hospital porter Jon Blackmore, descendant of William the Conqueror

13 January 2014 


Jon's   great ...( 23 generations) ...... uncle was Richard l
His great......... (34 generations) grandfather was Alfred the Great
His great  ......(27 generations) was William the Conqueror
His 7th cousin 15 times removed was Henry VIII
His 5th cousin 20 times removed was Richard lll

A HOSPITAL porter has discovered he can boast kings, queens and conquerors in his family tree – thought to be one of the largest documented in the world.

Jon Blackmore believes he is a direct descendant of Alfred the Great and William the Conqueror, and has family links to royalty, such as Henry VIII.

He exhibited his 12,000-name family tree, which he has been compiling with partner Tracy at Southend Hospital, his workplace which is far removed from his ancestors.

Mr Blackmore has found that Alfred the Great is his great grandfather going back 34 generations, while William the Conqueror can be found 27 generations back.

Richard I is his great uncle going back generations, Henry VIII is his 7th cousin 15 times removed and Richard III is fifth cousin 20 times removed.

Remarkably, the tree goes back to 519AD, starting with King Cedric, who reigned from 519AD to 534AD.

Jon, of Shoebury, Essex, said: “I’ve always been interested in history anyway, but it’s fascinating to see my relatives’ occupations, where they lived and who they married.

“You never know who you could come across.

“I come from a humble working-class background in Liverpool. Little did I know I’d end up related to royalty.

“You learn about all these famous names in history at school and you never think they could be part of your own family history.”

Jon, 47, became interested in genealogy about five years ago, and was amazed where his research took him.

He said: “My mother-in-law had been doing her own family tree for a few years, so I asked if she could do a little bit of investigating for me.

“We came across my great, great grandfather, John Blackmore, who was a surgeon dentist.

“We went looking to see if he had written any papers in dentistry and we couldn’t find anything, but we came across a website my cousin Roy Blackmore – who I didn’t even know existed – had created about some of my family tree.”

Jon contacted Roy, who lives in Taunton, Somerset, to find out if the two were related.

He went to visit him soon after, and Roy asked him if he would take over the research.

Jon said: “His son and daughter weren’t really interested and he’s not well enough to do it now.

“I was really shocked to learn about all the royalty linked to the family and the sheer amount of names on there, which are all linked through my father’s side of the family.

“It’s taken about 28 years to compile it all – and more than £30,000.

“Most of it was compiled by Roy, and I’m still working on it now.

“We’re currently trying to get a link back to Constantine I, who was a Roman emperor.”

After exhibiting the family tree at the hospital, Jon and Tracy, 48, now hope to take it around schools in the local area.