Dad who begged for job at roundabout now works ... at the same roundabout

5 December 2013  A DAD who begged for work on an Essex roundabout has come full circle – and now works there as a gardener.
Matt Atkins, 46, advertised himself with a ‘Desperate 4 a job’ placard in May, together with his mobile number.
He now mows the grass and looks after the Nevendon roundabout, off the A127, in Basildon, where he stood looking for work.
Matt landed a job with landscape and cleaning firm, Bizzib, that sponsors the roundabout.
He started as a cleaner and was promoted to landscape manager, with responsibility for the roundabout,
He said: “It’s quite bizarre that I have ended up back here. I never imagined I would come back to this roundabout. I still have to pinch myself sometimes but it is fantastic. Life is good.
“I feel a million times better in myself. I just needed one person to believe in me.
“Before I was on anti-depressants and really fed up. I was not on a happy place at all but now I am off the anti-depressants and doing something I love.”
Matt had struggled to find employment for eight years since undergoing a pancreas transplant in 2004 and was living off incapacity benefit.
Matt, of St Cleres Crescent, Wickford, Essex,  stood for hours on the Nevendon roundabout, off the A127 near Sainsburys, when the roundabout’s sponsor, cleaning company Bizzib, thought they had to get to know the man behind the sign.
They found him a job cleaning, and in seven months he has moved up to be a manager.
Matt, desperate to give his wife Kelly and son Levi, 15, a better life, took a pay cut to start at Bizzib.
His hard work has paid off, with Bizzib creating a new role for him.
The company previously contracted out its landscaping services.
After seeing Matt’s potential, bosses decided to invest in equipment and take the work in-house.
Managing director Ricky Dalton said: “He has been fantastic.
“His attitude towards work has been great and he has gone from strength to strength. He has seen visions for the company and brought ideas to the table which some of us had never thought about.
“When I heard he was standing on our roundabout I thought if he was willing to do that he would have the ability to do what we asked him.
“He took a drop in wages to join us but we are a company that rewards people for results. The fact that Matt put himself out he was rewarded and we were rewarded with his hard work.”