Brides misses her own wedding reception - because of appendicitis

23 October 2013   A BRIDE missed her own wedding reception and honeymoon when she was rushed to hospital for an emergency op to remove her appendix.
Jenny Hughes, 26, thought it was her nerves that made her feel sick and feverish before her big day on Saturday (19 Oct)
But as she struggled through her vows at St Michael’s Church in Braintree, Essex, it got worse.
She just about made it to the Bull Hotel in Halstead, Essex, for the reception.
But she could barely stand as she tried to greet guests. Within hours her condition had deteriorated and groom Ian Thorpe called an ambulance.
She was suffering appendicitis and underwent surgery to remove her appendix on Sunday (20 Oct).
The couple and their two children, Molly and Oscar, of Clare Close, Halstead, had been due to go on honeymoon to Cornwall on Monday (21 Oct).
It is hoped they may be able to go for a few days next week.
Jenny’s twin sister and bridesmaid Katy Hughes said: “She didn’t even get to see her kids, it’s heart-breaking.
“They don’t have a lot of money. Jenny is a full-time mum and Ian works for First Buses and had worked every night for the past year doing as much overtime as he could.
“They didn’t get to see anything of the reception, it is just devastating.”
Jenny had been taken into hospital with a grumbling appendix in June but doctors did not operate.
Miss Hughes said the family had been through a tough time following the death of her grandmother Gladys Sims, who was knocked down in Coggeshall Road, Braintree, two years ago.
She said: “It was the first family get together that wasn’t a funeral.
“But then disaster struck again. It’s like the family is cursed.”
Miss Hughes praised everyone who rallied around to help, including sister Sophie who kept guests entertained and their cousin Caroline, who had been Jenny’s midwife and provided medical help on the night.
n The family are trying to recreate the wedding reception at a party on November 15.
They have set up a Facebook page to appeal for help.
Little Lucy’s Bakery in Bridport Lane, Braintree and Red Carpet Video in Braintree have already come forward.
To get involved visit at