Monster 16ft python found floating on Lancashire canal

A SIXTEEN FOOT reticulated python was found dead floating on a canal in Lancashire.

The baby engineered to beat an incurable disease

BABY Amelia Queen, aged seven months, was genetically engineered in a laboratory to help beat an incurable disease which has blighted her family.

Oil man calls home from Indonesia, and hears wife die on phone

AN OIL worker heard his wife die from almost 8,000 miles away.

Trampled rider back in the saddle - after surgeon fixed her ribcage with "Meccano"

A RIDER who was trampled by her own horse has had her ribcage rebuilt with “Meccano”.

Greedy buzzard bit off more than it could chew

A GREEDY bird of prey bit off more than it could chew – and almost died.
The buzzard was found with another bird’s leg – part of its lunch – sticking out of its mouth.

Hand in hand: prem twins share an incubator after 10 weeks apart

IT'S brotherly love as these tiny twins, born at little over 3lbs each, and kept apart ever since, hold hands.

Cross-dressing "bride": Shop wouldn't let me try on wedding dress

A CROSS-DRESSING “bride” claims he’s a victim of discrimination – after he was barred from trying on a wedding dress.
Sam Clayton, 21, was so angry he called the police.

On the brink: Crashed tractor dangles a wheel over 140ft drop

A TRACTOR driver was left teetering on the edge of a 140ft-high bridge after a three-vehicle pile-up.